Our future - Frimley Integrated Care Board

On Friday, 1st July 2022, the Frimley Integrated Care Board will come into being.

For some time now, Frimley Integrated Care System has been working to bring NHS, social care, local authority and other sectors together to work more closely with each other for the benefit of the communities they serve.

On 28th April this year, Her Majesty the Queen granted Royal Assent to the Health and Care Bill, formally making it law. The new Health and Care Act 2022, as it has now become, makes Integrated Care Systems statutory organisations, further empowering them to better join up health and care services, to improve population health and reduce health inequalities.

Integrated Care Boards are the bodies responsible for the NHS functions within the wider Integrated Care Systems.

We are very happy that as part of preparations for the establishment of the Frimley Integrated Care Board, we have appointed to several key leadership roles.

Dr Priya Singh
Chief Executive
Fiona Edwards

Non-Executive Member
Ilona Blue

Non-Executive Member
Paul Farmer

Chief Medical Officer
Dr Lalitha Iyer

Chief Nursing Officer
Sarah Bellars

Chief People Officer
Caroline Corrigan

Chief Transformation Officer
Sam Burrows

Chief Financial Officer
Richard Chapman

We will be bringing you more information on the transition to the Frimley Integrated Care Board between now and the launch date.