Feeling Unwell? #NHSKnowWhereToGo

With our local partners, each Place across Frimley CCG has been working consistently over the past few years to support residents to look after their own health. If, however, someone does become unwell, we have data driven communication strategies in place built on lessons learned over the past three years to support public facing messaging.

The information below tells the story of how the “Feeling unwell?” messages were developed and tailored over the years.


2020 – Linking into primary care access and prioritisation framework

In 2020, with the impact of COVID-19, the materials were further adapted and used across the Frimley CCG footprint to describe how and when patients should contact their GP, and what other services were available – essentially explaining – where to go when you are feeling unwell.

Having this consistent message about accessing primary care services reinforced the importance of the “feeling unwell?” message, as one that works all year around. The campaign has been well received by primary care colleagues and further research is planned to hear back from patients in order to keep the message relevant and well-understood.

Background 2017-2019

2017 social marketing project - where it all began

In 2017, we conducted a social marketing pilot project with a Bracknell practice which involved engagement with local schools. The idea was to help signpost people to the most appropriate service and make the NHS options clear. Materials were designed with patient representatives and GP practice staff and pretested with local community groups. The engagement with schools was positive and the lessons learned have been taken forward.