Working with people and communities

By having ongoing open and honest conversations with the people and communities that access health and care services we are better able to design, adapt and improve them to meet need.  We are committed to continuing these conversations as the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic change and offer a range of different methods of sharing your views.

As well as our once yearly Annual General Meeting, local public meetings take place across the geography of the Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group regularly. 

We have built up strong relationships with individuals, community groups and the voluntary sector which have strengthen in the last year. These links support us to:

  • Help shape public events such as the Annual General Meeting ensuring the content and format is relevant and accessible.
  • Shape individual areas of work such as:
    • The development of the Frimley Maternity Website and free resources for parents, parents-to-be, grandparents and carers
    • Aiding in the development of local and system priorities through community conversations
    • Supporting the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), groupings of GP surgeries within a locality, through involvement in local Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)
    • Having an ongoing input around the information, support and advice available for Carers.
    • Encouraging mental health service users to help shape, inform and improve local services through local forums such as United Communities
    • Reviewing leaflets and letters designed for patients and the public
    • Shaping and promoting work to help people care for their own health and well-being
    • Using their own lived experience to support improvements to treatment pathways and services, such as end of life care and falls
    • Championing on-going conversations with local people around all health care provision, including equality, diversity and access to services
Working with local people
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Healthwatch and the Voluntary Sector
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