Update on move of Ascot Medical Centre and Green Meadows Surgery to Brook House, Heatherwood Hospital

Ascot Medical Centre and Green Meadows Surgery will both be moving to a modern, fully refurbished building located at the Heatherwood Hospital site, called Brook House in Spring 2021.

The new premises at Brook House, Heatherwood Hospital, forms part of the wider Ascot Plan which is to modernise primary and community care for local residents over the coming years and continue to improve on the health outcomes for local people.

Dr Andrew Fanning, Senior Partner at Green Meadows Surgery, said: “Whilst many projects may have been impacted by Covid-19, we are really pleased to share that we have been able to safely progress with the construction.

“We are very much looking forward to the move to the new premises expected be in Spring 2021.

We will continue to keep our website up to date on the date for when we will start to provide our services from the new site.”

Dr Edward Williams, Senior Partner at Ascot Medical Centre, said: “I would like to reassure patients that the two practices are not merging. We are co-locating and will be based at the same premises Brook House on the Heatherwood Hospital site.  However, both practices anticipate closer working arrangements to benefit the population of Ascot through sharing skills and a range of services.

“Co-locating the two practices will enable multiple professional teams to work together resulting in better outcomes for our patients. It is essential to reducing patients’ admission to hospital, improving care co-ordination, providing care closer to patients, and increasing self-management with patients and carers.

It would not be possible to provide this kind of integrated care in the current Ascot primary care premises.”



Ascot Medical Centre is currently based in the acute hospital site at Heatherwood which is being completely redeveloped by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (FHFT), and Green Meadows surgery is situated in Winkfield Road, Ascot. Both are not sustainable to meet future needs of integrated primary care.

The new facilities within the premise will ensure treatment and consultation rooms are suitable for all patients and meet criteria outlined in HBNs (Health Building Notes) DD (Disability Discrimination Act), which is a requirement for all new build primary care premises.

Both practices have issued an FAQ update for patients on their websites. For more information, visit Ascot Medical Centre or Green Meadows Surgery.